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IT fleet renewal scheduled

we make a inventory of your computers and create a renewal proposal in budget

Remote and in site support

when possible we offer you remote support, avoiding travel expenses to your office, faster and cheaper

Computer optimization

We check your equipment for get maximum performance

expert’s report

Experts collegiate

Monitoring 365×24

We check your server health continuously, mitigating downtimes

Backup Automatitation

stop asking you when you make the last backup, we create a backup strategy for you and check daily

Server Consolidation

Using virtualization technologies, we reduced server spent and improve his management

Data Recovery

When your installation is not well planned is time to recover data.

Proactive Maintenance

Better that solve problems is avoid problems

What our clients say

Calidade Systems help us to obtain the max performance of our equiment, created an automatic scheduled backup systems and checks our server performance. Now we don’t worry about I.T. problems because Calidade Systems has a plan B

Mas Arquitectura Marcos Samaniego

Thanks to Calidade Systems we have deploy, stagin and production enviroments, they have improved the performance of our servers now our webapps have incredibly fast response time

iwaap Alfonso Peón / Iwaap

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Latest news

configuring XenServer 7.x mail notifications through external mail server

Generally Small and Medium Business  doesn’t have a own  mail server in office. If we want to receive notifications we can configure Xenserver to use an existing email account to relay messages. #1 Open a ssh session in desired Xenserver install #2 Edit your ssmtp file #3 Your ssmtp.conf file should have  these values #4 […]

Centos 7.4 Samba shares not working in printer

Updates are good, they improve our system security and add more feature to our software. In this case after updating a Centos 7.3 installation to 7.4 suddenly a customer old printer cant store scan jobs in a samba share. After enable verbose log in samba configuring option we saw some entries like unfortunately our printer […]

Unresponsive NFS server

At Calidade Systems we check our customer daily backup report. Today we detect the lack of one report. We connect to our customer Linux server and saw a unusual high CPU load but no processor usage, if we don’t have cpu usage the cause should be storage, we are sending backups to a NFS server, […]