Proxmox job failed with err -5 – Input/output error

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Proxmox is a good solution for single servers infrastructure, you can use a single server where you can house all customer virtual machines. Recently one customer  talked us about small problems with a legacy software, He has problems storing data, we make a check and index rebuilt in his database and everything start to work well.

But a couple a weeks after database rebuilt we received an backup reporting errors in Proxmox backups like this

100 XXXXX FAILED 00:02:14 job failed with err -5 – Input/output error
101 XXXXX FAILED 00:29:00 job failed with err -5 – Input/output error
102 XXXXX OK 00:04:42 896MB /media/backup/dump/vzdump-qemu-102-2017_07_29-00_31_16.vma.gz
TOTAL 00:35:56 896MB

We checked everything and discover that our server main hard disk was failing (only 6 months working ). We solved this replacing hard disk and restoring the last backups

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