Configure Proxmox 5.2 mail notifications using a relay mail account

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Proxmox is a good solution for small  bussines, you will get an hypervisor with scheduled backups. In some costumers we found problems receiving backup notifications, because isp network is blacklisted, proxmox server domain name is not well configured, trafict through port 25 is filtered and hundreds of small problems In this cases the faster solution […]


Start a Percona 5.7 cluster after a controlled shutdown

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In each node check the content of /var/lib/mysql/grastate.dat version: 2.1 uuid: 9a50c4ec-4332-11e8-8b88-77564bb9f22a seqno: 45 safe_to_bootstrap: 0 select the node with the highest value in seqno and edit the value of safe_to_bootstrap to 1 should be like these version: 2.1 uuid: 9a50c4ec-4332-11e8-8b88-77564bb9f22a seqno: 45 safe_to_bootstrap: 1 in these node run systemctl start mysql@bootstrap.service in the other […]


Unresponsive NFS server

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At Calidade Systems we check our customer daily backup report. Today we detect the lack of one report. We connect to our customer Linux server and saw a unusual high CPU load but no processor usage, if we don’t have cpu usage the cause should be storage, we are sending backups to a NFS server, […]


A RAM slot does not work

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increase Memory and replace CPU is a fast way to improve performance in a workstation, recently during a workstation upgrade we found a strange behavior in the motherboard   The cause of this strange behavior is that motherboard socket has bent pins