Unresponsive NFS server

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At Calidade Systems we check our customer daily backup report. Today we detect the lack of one report. We connect to our customer Linux server and saw a unusual high CPU load but no processor usage, if we don’t have cpu usage the cause should be storage, we are sending backups to a NFS server, […]


A RAM slot does not work

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increase Memory and replace CPU is a fast way to improve performance in a workstation, recently during a workstation upgrade we found a strange behavior in the motherboard   The cause of this strange behavior is that motherboard socket has bent pins


Proxmox job failed with err -5 – Input/output error

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Proxmox is a good solution for single servers infrastructure, you can use a single server where you can house all customer virtual machines. Recently one customer  talked us about small problems with a legacy software, He has problems storing data, we make a check and index rebuilt in his database and everything start to work […]


Proliant ML350 G6 Fan Noise

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One of my customers wanted reuse his old server, I asked about server model and it was an HP Proliant ML350 G6 It had enough power to run small size virtual machines and we decided to increase memory size and use a RAID with newly hard disk. After a quick market research we found HGST […]