Dell SC1430 Diagnostics Indicator Codes

Recently I have to deal with a old Dell SC1430 server it was really difficult to find diagnostic table

I share here I you need to check

CODEPOWER LIGHTCauseCorrective Action
OFFNo electrical power is
supplied to the computer.
Connect the computer to a working electrical
GREENNormal operationNone
4OFFNormal off condition; the
system is connected to an
electrical outlet.
Press the power button to turn the computer on.
2 3 4 blinkingAMBERThe BIOS is not executingEnsure that the processor is seated correctly and
restart the system
1 3 blinkingAMBER BLINKINGA possible power supply or
power cable failure has
Check the power supply connections and the
condition of cables.
1 3 4 blinkingAMBERA possible power supply
failure has occurred.
Verify that both power supply cables are plugged in
to the system board
1 2 blinkingAMBERA possible system board
failure has occurred
1 2 4 blinkingOFFA processor mismatch exists
4GREENBIOS checksum failure
detected; system is in recovery
Ensure that all network cards and connections are functioning
3GREENPossible processor failure.
3 4 GREENMemory failure
2GREENPossible expansion card failure.
2 4GREENPossible video failure.
2 3GREENDiskette drive or hard drive
Ensure that the diskette drive and hard drives are properly
2 3 4GREENPossible USB failure.
1GREENNo memory modules detected.
1 4GREENSystem board failure.
1 3GREENMemory configuration error
1 3 4GREENPossible system board resource
and/or system board hardware
1 2GREENPossible system resource
configuration error.
1 2 3GREENOther failure
1 2 3 4GREENThe system is in a normal
operating condition after

For more info

Poweredge SC1430 Manual

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